Stuart Broomer at, November 2015:

"Pianist/composer Peter Hum may be better known as a jazz and food critic for the Ottawa Citizen, but there’s nothing to suggest anything but full commitment to his art on Alpha Moment. Hum leads a sextet here, and his group concept is almost orchestral. His compositions are well formed and subtly voiced, with solos arrayed against his own lush chords, Alec Walkington’s resonant bass and drummer Ted Warren’s constant sonic shadings. While the band’s members are currently spread out geographically, the group clearly came together at a special moment for the Ottawa jazz scene, much of the excitement coming from two Ottawa-raised saxophonists who have since moved on: Kenji Omae, now resident in Seoul, may be the most exciting tenor saxophonist to emerge in Canada in recent years, a powerful, impulsive player who’s also capable of lustrous ballad playing; Nathan Cepelinski, now a New Yorker, plays alto and soprano with quicksilver thought and phrasing. Along with glassy-toned Montreal guitarist Mike Rud, the six make up a terrific band, something that’s apparent everywhere here, but most pointedly on the aptly named title tune." Full review

Patrick Hadfield at, Nov. 9, 2015:

"Hum's piano playing is articulate and understated; his composition is fluent and vivacious. With the quality of playing from his band, it makes a very entertaining record. " Full review

S. Victor Aaron at Something Else! Reviews, Sept. 30, 2015:

Once again, Peter Hum walks the walk with an album full of strong compositions and strong performances. Alpha Moment is the product of a serious jazz musician."  Full review

Richard Kamins at Step Tempest, Sept. 29, 2015:

Alpha Moment is a generous album, generous in spirit, in melodies, in solos, adult music that flows ever-forward on the strength of six fine musicians... This is joyous music worthy of your attention." Full review

Dan Bilawsky at, Aug. 20, 2015:

"Alpha Moment is finally here, and it, like all good things, was worth waiting for... (Hum's) musical voice is... captivating, articulate, and thought-provoking." (four stars) Full review

Canadian jazz broadcasting legend Katie Malloch:

"I think the music is wonderful. I love the shapes of your melodies, especially the title track and The Good Fight. Having the CD makes me wish I still had a show to play it on!"
Peter Hum's long 2019 bio


1) Irwin Block's review of A Boy's Journey, The Montreal Gazette, Dec. 1, 2010:

Forward-looking CD sparkles

A Boy's Journey ****
Peter Hum (Independent)

Pianist-composer Peter Hum's debut CD is a celebration -- a modern, forward-looking and mainly upbeat session that sparkles with positive energy. It is also a lyrical triumph, as each of the 10 songs tells a story cohesively, with Hum setting the scene on acoustic or electric piano, then providing background support for development. The CD features stellar playing by saxophonists Kenji Omae on tenor and Nathan Cepelinski on alto and soprano, with creative propulsion from established drummer Ted Warren and a big-toned floor from Montreal bassist Alec Walkington. Highlights include Take the High Road, a hope-filled tribute to Barack Obama's presidential win, New Toy and Big Lou, playful and lyrical ballads to the joys of discovery, and La tendresse s.v.p., a hymn to love. The title track is Hum's ode to his courageous father, while Unagi is funky fun for the ensemble, with Hum cutting loose on electric piano and kick-ass solos by the horn players. With such fine work, Hum can quit his day job as a Citizen journalist!
-- Irwin Block
© Copyright (c) The Montreal Gazette

2) Geoff Chapman,, June 2011:

Peter Hum "cruises through 10 neat, original tunes secure in his players' long-established musical cameraderie... best jazz comes with the energized Unagi and the cleverly structured closer Three Wishes with its snarling saxes."  Full review

3) Ralph A. Miriello, Notes on Jazz blog, April 1, 2011:

A Boy's Journey "is an auspicious maiden voyage for Hum, who has crafted some fine straight ahead songs that have merit and are played with grace and passion." Full review

4) JazzWrap blog, March 23, 2011:

A Boy's Journey is an "album that holds your attention from beginning to end...a real touch of class from north of the border that you should definitely check out. (Hum's) style is subtle, elegant and joyful." Full review

5) Victor Aaron, Something Else! Reviews, Feb. 5, 2011:

"Peter Hum the musician is all about delivering the song...The end of his own journey finds him at a very good place musically." Full review

6) Chris Smith of the Winnipeg Free Press awards four stars to A Boy's Journey, Feb. 5, 2011:

"The title track, a tribute to his father, and New Toy, a playful piece, stand out on a disc full of fine music. The closer, Three Wishes, is a delight." Full review

7) Richard Kamins, Step Tempest blog, Jan. 26, 2011:

A Boy's Journey is "well thought out, with a strong sense of direction and purpose… filled with handsome melodies, rich harmonies, pleasing interactions, and numerous good solos." Full review

8) Tim Niland, Music and More blog, Jan. 24, 2011:

"This was a very well done and enjoyable album of mainstream jazz. Hum and company investigate many different textures and moods of music and weave together a fine album in the process... His new album has a deep narrative sense, like a prose writer linking together a set of interconnected short stories." .Full review

9) John Kelman,, Jan. 7, 2011:

A Boy's Journey is "an album decades in the making, but clearly worth the wait... (it) resonates with the feel of a familiar group... With A Boy's Journey, Hum makes clear, in no uncertain terms, that he's ready." Full review  

10) Doug Fischer's profile of Peter Hum and A Boy's Journey, The Ottawa Citizen, Nov. 25. 2010

11) «Peter Hum nous présente une musique inspirée et bien ficelée qui possède en elle-même tout ce qu'il faut pour plaire aux amateurs de jazz les plus exigeants.»/ / ("Peter Hum presents well-crafted, inspired music that has what it takes to please the most demanding fans of jazz.")

André Massicotte

12) "A Boy's Journey is a voyage for the listener too. Hum's compositions are fresh and vital, sometimes contemplative, sometimes blessed with a joyous groove. The instrumental voices of his fine sidemen (Kenji Omae is a splendid surprise to me!) are each strongly individual, but blend with warmth and ease, too. Peter Hum's own playing is coolly lyrical in his frequent introductions, setting the stage for the unfolding of the pieces. This CD is solid and satisfying."

Katie Malloch
CBC Radio 2's Tonic


Peter Hum short bio:

  • Ottawa jazz pianist Peter Hum strives to make music that uplifts listeners with forthright lyricism, strong evocations of moods, and energetic, unfettered improvising. Largely self-taught, Hum was bitten by the jazz bug when he was a teenager, exposed to the music of Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. He counts himself very fortunate to have performed with such Canadian jazz legends as Sonny Greenwich, Phil Nimmons, Reg Schwager and Pat LaBarbera. Over the years, Peter's own projects have included such stellar peers as saxophonists Kenji Omae, Joel Miller, Frank Lozano and Mike Allen, guitarists Mike Rud and Roddy Ellias and drummers Ted Warren, Dave Laing and Andre White. Peter Has released two albums, A Boy's Journey (2010) and Alpha Moment (2015). Both albums were supported by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, and Alpha Moment was additionally supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Peter's third album, Ordinary Heroes, is slated for release in 2020. A collection of original compositions addressing the social and political tumult of the times, the album features a Canadian all-star sextet that includes Peter's long-time friends Kenji Omae (tenor saxophone, Antigonish, NS), David Smith (trumpet, New York), Mike Rud (guitar, Montreal), Alec Walkington (acoustic bass, Montreal) and Ted Warren (drums, Guelph, ON). Peter lives with his wife and son in Ottawa, where he is also a full-time journalist with the Ottawa Citizen.

To view Peter Hum's longer fall 2019 biography (a pdf file), click here

For the press release (a pdf file) for Peter's CD Alpha Moment, click here.
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